Airport Sustainability Study
  • Sustainability study, modelling GSE vehicle replacement with electric to assist net zero-carbon targets
Declaration of Capacity Assessment - Schiphol Airport
  • Complete level 3 independent demand and capacity declaration assessment
  • Provided input in multiple areas with finding solutions to improve capacity and efficiency.
Image Sourced: By Sweett Group
  • Simulations and project management to move all airlines to the new Integrated Baggage System
Heathrow T5 Checkin
  • Analysis and simulations in preparation for new Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) standards.
  • Programme management and process development of all terminals, modelling and finding solutions.
  • Simulating how many premium buggies could operate within a terminal at any given time.
  • Validating and assessing the effect of Early Bag Stores and Bag Drops using 2½ and 3D simulations.
  • Understanding whether capacity in the Arrivals Hall could be increased without impacting on space.
Heathrow Inter Terminal Coach
  • Modelling fluctuations and variations of activity at Heathrow to preview changes before they happen.
London 2012
  • Predicting capacity and usage of a Pop Up temporary terminal to plan, simulate and organize facilities.
  • Assessing capacity for baggage offload, conveyor and reclaim against proposed designs.