Katrin Lenksevic – Airport Planner

Particular Skills

  • Air Transport Management
  • Airport Planning
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Problem Solving
  • Client Consultancy

Role in AiQ

As an Airport Planner, Katrin supports through our bespoke airport capacity planning and simulation software, TransvisionAiR™. This includes data acquisition, allocation plans, decision support and improvements. A keen, proactive, motivated and intelligent member of the team, Katrin uses her skills to provide decision-making support and client consultancy for projects.


Katrin has an MA Finance and Accountancy from the University of Aberdeen and a Masters in Air Transport Management from Coventry University. Her recent role as a product development assistant at Baltic Aviation Academy (BAA), one of the most experienced European aviation training centres, allowed her to interact with international clients and suppliers, collaborate with related departments and manage complex situations. She brings with her to AiQ her passion for aviation, as well as the core culture values of our business – to provide effective, simple and intelligent decision-making support to our clients.

Based in our Heathrow office, Katrin’s been involved in a variety of projects including Leeds Bradford Capacity Assessment, Budapest Airport Apon Modelling,  London Heathrow Inter Terminal Operation Coaching, London Heathrow Cargo and the Declaration of Capacity at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.


or call Katrin on 0203 5989124 or email katrin.lenksevic@aiqconsulting.com