Airport Analyst

Lucia Rodriguez: Associate Airport Analyst

Particular Skills

  • Data Analysis
  • Simulation and Modelling
  • Decision Science
  • Project Management
  • Computer Programming
  • Airport Management
  • Visual Presentation
  • Engineering


As an Associate Airport Analyst, Lucia works closely with our clients to drive efficiencies through analytical and collaborative means. Lucia determines the appropriate level of modelling depending on client requirements, from a spreadsheet pivot graph to a 2D model and all the way to a 3D simulation using a range of software. Using AiQ’s bespoke simulation modelling tool, TransvisionAiR® and recently introduced Airport Recovery Tool ARTΔ, she runs demand, forecast, resource and equipment analysis reports for clients. She also develops bespoke simulation and data analysis tools, looking at past assumptions and using first principles to get to the ultimate cause of any problem.


Lucia graduated from a double MSc in Aviation management by the École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC) and TBS in Toulouse, France. Her master dissertation was in Revenue Management Systems and Optimization techniques according to seasonal demand. With a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, she wrote her bachelor thesis in Air Transportation System Comparison and demand forecasting between Spain and Turkey, which got published by the AHTR journal in Turkey.

She has worked in the Aviation industry for four years. Firstly, as an Airport Engineer Consultant for the Spanish Airport Authority and later in the airline industry as a Revenue Analyst and Route Planner.

Lucia has a strong curiosity for data analytics and how to drive real-life impact from data, translating it into strategic decisions. She pursued further education in IT development and Data Science techniques, which are highly valuable for approaching big data problems in airport processing modelling.

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