Nomaan Asghar: Senior Airport Planner

  • Airport Strategic Planning
  • Airport Operations
  • Airport Capacity Planning
  • Airport Business Management
  • Aviation Policy
  • Project Management
  • Airport Process Design
  • Aviation Security, Baggage systems & screening
  • Stakeholder Management

Role in AiQ

As Senior Airport Planner and Project/Delivery Manager,  Nomaan works with airport owners and operators to scope, plan and create airport process models and solutions. Engaging stakeholders at all levels, from airlines and air traffic control, to ground handlers and delivery integrators, Nomaan is an integral part of our airport capacity planning and airport strategic planning team, and is also involved in the development of our bespoke Simulation Software, TransvisionAiR™. His consultancy role also includes managing a team of aviation professionals to deliver aviation projects in timely manner, being an Authorised Security Signatory, responsible for managing Heathrow Airport passes both Airside and Landside, and training other members of AiQ Consulting.


With over 12 years experience in the aviation industry, many of Nomaan’s notable projects have been at London Heathrow. These include the T4 HBS Std 3 and Asset Replacement, T5 HBS Std3 Replacement Capacity Benchmarking Study and T1/T2 Airline Transition Moves, as well as airport-wide Airside Vehicle Pooling and Passenger Buggy Operations assessments. He has also worked on the groundbreaking End-to-End Capacity assessment with NATS at Bristol Airport and projects at Leeds Bradford International Airport, London Southend Airport, London Stansted Airport, Budapest International Airport and Hyderabad International Airport.

Nomaan has an MSc in Airport Planning and Management from Cranfield University and an Aviation Management BSc from London Metropolitan University.

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