Improve your airport efficiency, protect your operation and reduce risk with our operational airport consultants.

The complex challenges faced by airports such as changeable schedules, COVID-19 processes, increased security, sustainability, changeable markets, all put a burden on operating costs and potential revenue.

At AiQ, we provide innovative Kerbside to Airpspace airport assessments. Our award-winning operational airport consultants deliver a completely integrated assessment of the whole airport operation. From baggage and passenger flows to aircraft and cargo, GSE and transfer systems, we provide a unique analysis of the entire airport.

Gathering and analysing operational insights across all processes creates an effective way to manage daily resource requirements and optimise the total airport operational efficiency. Using surveys and observations of every individual airport process, we provide recommendations to achieve quick wins, realise cost savings, and resolve pinch points.

AiQ realises ‘unseen’ capacity, optimising the use of what is already available, as well as proving future designs or master plans that are efficient from the outset. We also consider financial analysis and development capabilities, to give a holistic approach.

By doing this, you then fully realise your airport’s capacity – optimising passenger experience, creating efficiencies and minimising risk. Find out what our clients think about us. 

Specific Airport Services

  • Holistic Airport Capacity Planning and Simulations
  • Integration of Airfield, Terminal and Apron, combining Passenger, Baggage, Airside Vehicle, and Aircraft flows
  • Master planning
  • Long range Growth Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Programme Management
  • Stakeholder Consultation and Acceptance

Benefits to you

  • Resolve pinch points
  • Optimised end to end operation
  • Realise the full potential of existing facilities
  • Protect your operation
  • Reduce risks
  • Increase revenue
  • Optimise facilities and equipment
  • Increase resource utilisation
  • Integrate stakeholder solutions
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Improve airport experience
  • Ensure long-term utilisation
  • Prevent unnecessary investment costs
  • Effective and efficient operations