Dr. Sherry Li: Airport Simulation Engineer

  • Simulation and Modelling
  • High level language – Python
  • Programming
  • Data Analysis
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Project Management

Role in AiQ

As Airport Simulation Engineer, Sherry creates process capacity models and simulations utlising our bespoke TransvisionAiR™ capacity and demand forecasting in-house tool in addition to using Excel and Visual Basic. This includes creating allocation plans, databases, mitigations and network maps and simulations for baggage, ground handling, passenger and airport vehicle movements.

Part of her role also includes project management, data gathering, process analysis and process development, as well as stakeholder management.

Sherry also works closely with our clients to drive efficiencies through analytical and collaborative means, determining the appropriate level of modelling depending on their requirements. This could be a spreadsheet pivot graph, or a 2D model and all the way to a 3D simulation.


Sherry has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College, London where she developed various Python models, including a Python model to run a Monte-Carlo simulation (and post-process the simulation results) to predict the probability of failure in high-performance discontinuous composite structures for the Italian luxury sports manufacturer, Lamborghini. She also published two peer-reviewed papers in top journals, presented at seven internationally renowned conferences and took part in group projects to design a wind turbine with efficiency optimization and run CFD analysis for the aerodynamics of a vehicle. She also completed a mini MBA course.

Sherry also undertook an Industrial Attachment at ST Aerospace, Singapore, gaining insights on the operation of third-party MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) of aircrafts, and helping maintain the database/schedule of aircraft MRO. Her work experience includes internships at Easy-China (Xiamen) trading company and ABB Ratingen, Germany where she rotated across eight departments in the company, understanding the process from designing to the assembly-line of a product, including logistics, supply, marketing, manufacturing and sales.

Sherry is currently working on the new development of our bespoke IATA Modelling tool.

or Call Sherry on 0203 5989124 or email sherry.li@aiqconsulting.com