AiQ Consulting Supporting Airports Through Recovery

Our airport community is in a period of unprecedented change. Expert knowledge and smart decisions will help every airport owner, operator, airline, handler, service professional and product supplier adapt to our new world.

Reopening your airport brings new and ever-changing flight schedules, presenting challenges and complexities to your entire operation. AiQ Consulting solution to aid airports recovery is our new demand modelling tool and consultancy, Airport Recovery Tool, ARTΔ.

Fast, simple and flexible, this tool quickly provides a holistic operational vision across 13 key processes including new health screening and social distancing processes for fast and smart decisions in managing your changeable daily resource requirement.

Efficiently manage your changeable demand with Airport Recovery Tool, ARTΔ.

Our Services

At AiQ we can support you with airport consultancy during your recovery post COVID-19 including modelling impact of new COVID-19 measures on operations, health screening solutions, turnaround analysis, modelling recovery, operational efficiency, modelling changing demand, optimisation, flight scheduling, holistic assessments, demand forecasting, decision support, stakeholder management, short, medium and long term planning, capacity planning and master planning. Find out more about our services for:

Case Studies

We can plan and model any airport operation.
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  • Airport Efficiency Saving Opportunities for Above Wing

    The airport world will be different – perhaps for many years. However, running a business and an airport is about handling the downside and taking opportunities when and where they are available – otherwise your competitors’ will.

    It is clear that airport operators must look at their businesses’ in a new light. No longer is growth guaranteed. No longer is income from Airlines, Parking, Duty-Free, Retail, Food & Beverage guaranteed. The fixed overheads including your Licensing costs continue to run. Revenue and profits will be squeezed.

    Planning for Airport Restart, Recovery & Growth

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  • A Clear Vision of UK Airport Recovery for Cargo Traffic 2020

    Following on from our previous blog ‘A Clear Vision of UK Airports Recovery’ which focuses on ATMs and passenger traffic, our airport planners have also tracked Air Cargo activity for this year showing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, see below. Read more »

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