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For hub, regional and business airports worldwide, we are your trusted partner.

Solving complex demand and capacity challenges with innovative consulting, modelling, and forecasting services. We make it our business to get to the root of your problem and generate creative solutions.

Analysing the entire airport from kerbside to airspace involving passengers, baggage, cargo, aircraft, transfer system, ground support equipment and resources.

Simplifying your decision making through 2D, 3D and VR modelling and simulations using our in-house bespoke software.

Maximise your competitive advantage, reduce risk and future proof your operation – with our Airport intelligence.

Airport Consulting

We have over 20 years of experience in Aviation Consulting. Carrying out integrated end-to-end airport consultancy, demand forecasting, capacity planning and simulation studies. Whether operational or strategic advice, we help you to keep pace of existing and future demand.

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  • Aviation Industry Recovery – part 1 of 3

    Now that the aviation industry is thankfully well on the road to recovery following the massive disruption of the pandemic we are glad to be in the position of taking a look forward at future challenges rather than back, and anticipating what lies ahead this summer.

    It has been encouraging to see various industry bodies making forecasts of a complete and sustainable recovery and a growth in air passenger demand in 2023.

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  • AiQ update

    We don’t know about you but our feet have barely touched the ground in the last 12 months! After weathering the COVID storm we are pleased to have recovered well as a business and are now delighted to be making solid progress once again along with our clients.

    We thought it might be useful to detail some of the projects AiQ are involved with to provide some scope on the range of work we can undertake. We continue to work for a variety of airports including Heathrow, Bristol, Schiphol and Farnborough. Our work at Heathrow is across a wide range of programmes, in fact we are involved with 6 of the current H7 programmes.

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