Airport Consultancy


Maximise your airport’s competitive advantage with intelligent airfield planning.

AiQ helps you to keep pace with existing and future aircraft demands by optimising your airfield capacity. Our expert team analyse, model and provide improvement recommendations for all aircraft traffic surfaces including runways, taxiways and stands. We utilise and analyse current and future flight schedules to carry out capacity assessments, and risk assessments and validate future infrastructure plans to improve your airport’s competitive advantage.

Specific Airfield Services

  • Flight Schedule optimisation
  • Runway, Taxiway and Stands Optimisation and Planning (using A-CDM process)
  • Aircraft Fleet Planning
  • Aircraft Turnaround Planning
  • Integrated Airfield Planning
  • Carbon Reduction Analysis

Benefits to you

  • Improve airfield efficiency
  • Reduce ground/air delay
  • Maximise stand and infrastructure usage
  • Match infrastructure development to long-term demand
  • Protect your operation and reduce risk
  • Consider implications holistically – within airfield, terminal, apron or airport operations
  • Adapt to changing passenger demands with intelligent airfield capacity solutions

Case Studies

  • Analysing and simulating airside road traffic flows for changing infrastructure and future growth.
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Airport Sustainability Study
  • Sustainability study modelling GSE replacement with electric to assist net zero-carbon targets
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Bristol Airport Capacity Assessment with NATS
  • End to End Airport Capacity Assessment in collaboration with NATS covering Kerbside to Airspace.
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  • Programme management and process development of all terminals, modelling and finding solutions.
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Heathrow Inter Terminal Coach
  • Modelling fluctuations and variations of activity at Heathrow to preview changes before they happen.
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