From developing operational concepts to proving terminal layouts, to asset replacement planning and evaluating operational performance, we realise capacity and improve efficiency.

With our deeply routed terminal operational experience, we provide creative and simple solutions to complex challenges surrounding check-in, baggage, baggage handling systems, EBS, passenger screening and more. AiQ balance the unpredictability of future demand, heightened security, stakeholder differences, infrastructure and financial constraints, harnessing all data and offering simple models and realistic solutions.

Specific Terminal Services

  • Car Parking (MSCP)
  • Landslide Surface Access Demand
  • Spatial planning
  • Passenger Flows and Populations
  • Pre-Screening (TSA requirements)
  • Check-In
  • Security
  • Retail
  • Toilet
  • Gate Populations
  • Immigration
  • Arrivals Hall
  • Arrivals Baggage Process
  • Departures Baggage Process
  • Arrivals Offload
  • Reclaim Carousel
  • Transfer Input Points (TIP)
  • Full Can Storage (FCS)
  • Check-in
  • Hold Baggage Screening (HBS)
  • In-system Sortation
  • Manual Code or Problem Bag
  • Early Bag Storage (EBS)
  • Chute
  • ULD Supply management
  • Make-up Points (MUP)
  • Expedite
  • Relight

Benefits to you

  • Optimise throughput
  • Improve asset utilisation
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduce congestion & waiting times
  • Prove contingencies and mitigations
  • Long-term utilisation
  • Prevent unnecessary investment costs

Case Studies

  • Undertaking a capacity assessment to augment capacity utilising the existing terminal footprint.
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  • Whole airport terminal capacity assessment, utlising the existing terminal footprint.
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Large Asian Airport Case study
  • Whole terminal capacity assessment to future proof the expected growth
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  • Departures and arrival baggage capacity assessment
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  • Validating and assessing the effect of Early Bag Stores and Bag Drops using 2½ and 3D simulations.
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  • Managing the tender process for a new baggage system through to a successful conclusion.
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  • Operational Readiness Activation and Transition (ORAT)
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  • Using simulations to quantify the benefit of constructing two PRM lifts in their terminal.
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Heathrow Airport Trolley Analysis
  • Analysis of baggage trolley movements to understand demand and space if capacity was increased
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  • Using simulations to prove a design worked effectively with traffic flows in the baggage hall and apron.
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Heathrow Inter Terminal Coach
  • Modelling fluctuations and variations of activity at Heathrow to preview changes before they happen.
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  • Assessing capacity for baggage offload, conveyor and reclaim against proposed designs.
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  • Full holistic baggage and check-in operational requirements analysis of the three airports.
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T2 thumbnail
  • Determine and develop airside traffic simulation
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London 2012
  • Predicting capacity and usage of a Pop Up temporary terminal to plan, simulate and organize facilities.
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  • Simulating and reporting on passenger flows, demographics and resource utilisation for retail outlets.
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  • Successfully undertook a capacity and feasibility assessment for St Pancras terminal, Eurostar.
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PRM Buggy at Heathrow Airport
  • Assessment and modelling of PRM/Premium User buggy utilisation for all terminals
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  • Provided input in multiple areas with finding solutions to improve capacity and efficiency.
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  • Improving facilities and capacity through newer automated check in technologies.
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Image Sourced: By Sweett Group
  • Simulations and project management to move all airlines to the new Integrated Baggage System
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Heathrow T5 Checkin
  • Analysis and simulations in preparation for new Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) standards.
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