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Airport Modelling and Simulation TransvisionAiR

Our bespoke modelling and simulation software TransvisionAiR® creates simple and clear airport capacity models. This enables smart decision-making through a choice of outputs – spreadsheets, graphs, 2D and 3D animation, as well as virtual reality.

Constantly updated and enhanced through our deep operational and behaviour expertise – TransvisionAiR® develops simulations that accurately model all airport processes from Kerbside to Airspace. We assess the entire system including aircraft, passengers, baggage, transfer systems and ground support equipment – giving you the big picture as well as highly detailed insights and analysis.

TransvisionAiR® integrates an up to date database with assumptions, rules, IATA standards and the airports’ actual data. Data can be provided by the airport and/or obtained by our team carrying out specific surveys. Our bespoke simulations enable us to visualise a change whilst testing the functionality and performance of new or existing concepts. We can make recommendations and demonstrate the best solution with rapidly adapting or solving requirements not previously identified.

Our bespoke Airport Masterplanning Tool will help you quickly optimise your operation and save costs. Within 5 minutes, this tool can determine all your resource needs from kerbside to runway and enables airport managers to make smart operational decisions quickly in reaction to changeable flight demand and schedules.

We bring your data to life.

TransvisionAiR® Simulation Examples

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Examples of Simulations and Data Analysis

  • Baggage system improvement plans
  • Head of Stand Ground Support Equipment (GSE) demand
  • Baggage make up allocation plans
  • Baggage systems simulation
  • Check in allocation plans
  • Advanced handling systems with inline screening
  • Terminal spacial demand planning
  • Inter terminal operations
  • Operational concepts for passenger transfer systems
  • Arrival hall simulations
  • Cargo
  • Asset Replacement Mitigation
  • Flight Schedule optimisation
  • Arrival and transfer input plans
  • Arrivals and transfers allocation plans
  • Airline occupancy optimisation
  • Stand allocation plans
  • Airfield and taxiway simulation
  • Vehicle and traffic simulations
  • Logistics flow management
  • Car park and service access planning
  • Trolley management
  • And anything else that a schedule can tell us

Benefits of TransvisionAir™ Simulations

  • 2½D visual demonstrates clarity for plans or demonstrates live operations
  • Cost effective analysis without the traditional high costs of animation
  • All stakeholders understand the effect of the change on their individual element
  • Maximises inbound and outbound operational performance
  • Illustrates passenger flow and baggage handling systems, apron turnaround processes
  • Single integrated model outputs for all airport resources and performance measures
  • Same assumptions and rule sets can be applied across all models
  • Reports provided as CSV, Excel, Visio or ACCESS to suit clients and stakeholders
  • Evaluates different strategies or airport systems
  • Uses accurate airport information for precise simulations