Airport Masterplanning Tool

Our Airport Masterplanning tool is a simple but powerful way to optimise the impact of your changeable demand.

Calculated from your flight schedules, it provides a holistic operational vision across 18 key processes from kerbside to runway to assist with daily, weekly and seasonal decisions.

Within 5 minutes it determines and optimises resource and equipment needs, in addition to aircraft, vehicle, passenger and baggage flows and predicts queue lengths and waiting times – all within the same tool.

Our Airport Masterplanning tool also encourages cross-departmental sharing of data with outputs produced in a simple Excel format for quick distribution. It is cost-effective and enables fast and smart high-level operational decisions, supporting the optimisation of your airport.

Optimise your OPEX costs and keep your passengers safe.

KEY FEATURESAirport Recovery Tool Features


  • 1. Health Screening
  • 2. Car Parking & Kerbside
  • 3. Bussing
  • 4. Trollies
  • 5. Check-in
  • 6. Departure Baggage
  • 7. Passenger Security
  • 8. Control Post Security
  • 9. Passengers Requiring Support
  • 10. Departure Lounge
  • 11. Boarding Gates
  • 12. Transfer Systems
  • 13. Immigration
  • 14. Baggage Reclaim
  • 15. Aircraft Stands
  • 16. GSE
  • 17. ULDs
  • 18. Runway


  • Arrivals, Transfer & Departures
  • Passengers, Baggage, Vehicles & Aircraft
  • Segregations
  • Time of day
  • Resource demand
  • Flows
  • Queue lengths
  • Waiting times


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    • Visual impact of changing demand
    • High-level management decision support
    • Assist with daily, weekly and seasonal decisions
    • Resource and staff levels against LoS
    • Assists OPEX optimisation
    • Cross-departmental sharing of data for a holistic approach
    • React quickly to sudden business changes
    • Identify constraints before they occur
    • Provide input for stakeholder acceptance
    • Operational efficiency across the entire airport