Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting

Accurately forecast your current and future demand with smart modelling and airport intelligence. AiQ models future flight schedules and operational details to effectively assess current and future capacity requirements.

Our operational and analytical airport experts have the capability to collate data and create models of the movement and integration of the airfield, terminal and apron combining passenger, baggage, airside/landside vehicles and aircraft movements. In addition to demand profiles and demand models according to IATA ADRM 11 & 10.5.

Using our bespoke in-house software, TransvisionAiR® we produce simple and clear modelling outputs according to our client’s budget. From graphs and 2D to 3D animation and Virtual Reality, our models visualise the impact of changes and enable smart decision making to engage stakeholders.

Specific Demand Forecasting Services

  • Demand Analytics
  • Demand Assessments
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Asset Replacement
  • Master Planning

Benefits to You

  • Independent assessment of client assumptions
  • An experienced and objective review of the data
  • Accurate resource allocation with clear scenario models
  • A clear vision of the impact of change
  • Improved future planning
  • Enables instant stakeholder engagement
  • Smart decision making from an objective benchmark
  • Improved investment decision
  • Identified return on investment
  • Using trusted and respected standards on which to base planning