Carbon Reduction
  • Enabling the initiation of the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) airside project.
Large Asian Airport Case study
  • Whole terminal capacity assessment to future proof the expected growth
PRM Buggy at Heathrow Airport
  • Assessment and modelling of PRM/Premium User buggy utilisation for all terminals
Airport Sustainability Study
  • Sustainability study modelling GSE replacement with electric to assist net zero-carbon targets
Airport design Validation for London Stansted Airport
  • Validating design for future development
  • Operational Readiness Activation and Transition (ORAT)
  • Departures and arrival baggage capacity assessment
  • Check-in to gate E2E capacity assessment with dynamic simulation
Declaration of Capacity Assessment - Schiphol Airport
  • Complete level 3 independent demand and capacity declaration assessment
Bristol Airport Capacity Assessment with NATS
  • End to End Airport Capacity Assessment in collaboration with NATS covering Kerbside to Airspace.
  • Full holistic baggage and check-in operational requirements analysis of the three airports.
  • Whole airport terminal capacity assessment, utlising the existing terminal footprint.