Airport Capacity Planning

Airport Capacity Planning

Realise capacity across your operation with our airport intelligence.

With 20 years of airport operational experience, AiQ delivers innovative capacity assessments of individual processes or the entire operation from kerbside to airspace.

We can provide a clear vision of the efficiency of your operation, highlighting pinch points and recommendations for additional capacity.

Helping you to future proof your operation by analysing growth plans and development options to ensure capacity meets forecasted future demand.

Using our in-house bespoke software called TransvisionAiR®, we create integrated capacity models of some or all key airport processes. Inputs include flight schedules, passenger and baggage figures and data from apron and airfield operations to gather a holistic view.

The flexibility of our modelling software allows for quick and cost-effective ‘what if’s and comparison scenarios against varying schedules, infrastructure and allocations.


Specific Capacity Services

Services include optimisation, design validation, capacity assessments and planning of the below processes:

  • Car Parking & kerbside
  • Bussing
  • Trollies
  • Check-In
  • Departure Baggage
  • Passenger security
  • Control Post security
  • RPM resources
  • Departure lounge
  • Boarding gates
  • Transfer systems
  • Immigration
  • Baggage reclaim
  • Aircraft stands
  • GSE
  • ULD
  • Runway

Benefits to you

  • Clear identification of pinch points & bottlenecks
  • Visual ‘what if’ scenarios modelled
  • Independent assessment of assumptions
  • Detail and big picture analysis
  • Match infrastructure development to long-term demand
  • Improved efficiency and profitability
  • Stakeholder consensus
  • An objective benchmark for effective operational management and performance