Apron Consulting


Improve your aircraft turnaround performance, increase handler efficiency and reduce operational cost.

AIQ’s Apron capacity planning knowledge improves aircraft turnaround and on-time performance of airlines, handlers and other stakeholders, implementing well planned, organized and efficient processes to keep flight schedules to time.

We can simulate, optimize and schedule your apron operations, as well as identifying problems and delays in the turnaround process. Working with the relevant individual stakeholders to improve their operation, we better plan their use of facilities, increasing asset and resource utilisation. Designed, planned and managed to be as efficient as possible and achieve high levels of efficiency and performance, improving the end to end process.


Specific Apron Services

  • Airside Road Network Capacity and Simulation
  • Route Efficiency Planning
  • Airport Freight
  • Fleet Planning
  • Inter Terminal Operations (ITO) Px Coaching
  • Inter Terminal Operations Baggage
  • Passenger & Crew Coaching
  • Fuelling, Toilet Services & Potable Water
  • Ground Services Equipment (GSE) Fleet Planning & Parking
  • Empty & Full Can Storage (ECS & FCS)
  • ULD Flow management
  • In-hall & Apron Traffic Congestion
  • Vehicle Journey times
  • Tug Charging
  • Airline & Handler Resource Planning
  • Integrated Apron Planning

Benefits to you

  • Optimise the facilities and equipment
  • Increase resource utilisation
  • Integrated stakeholder solutions
  • Increase efficiency
  • Manage the demand imbalances
  • Reduce congestion and waiting times
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve airline satisfaction
  • Improve passenger airport experience
  • Guarantee long-term utilisation
  • Prevent unnecessary investment costs