Heathrow Terminal 3

London Heathrow T3 Airside Vehicles

The Challenge

For the T3IB Project, BAA asked us to determine the difference in road traffic flows at defined points between the S11 and the proposed S14 road infrastructure. Working and integrating with the VanDerLande baggage system, we were required to process all the data in order to determine, in this very restricted and busy hub airport, whether there was enough capacity for the airport’s growth.

The Solution

AiQ developed a complex simulation model integrating Schedule, aircraft Stand, Road Network, Vehicle Parking and Loading/Unloading points (i.e. Baggage Halls, Fuel depots, lavatory dumps) based on baggage, passenger and other handling services derived using our bespoke Transvision AiR tool.  The S14 requirement was also integrated with the VI Baggage Hall Simulation output data.

This model enabled us to communicate clearly with the customer and other stakeholders the increased traffic flow, as well as the critical path surrounding predicted problems and delays in the turnaround process.

Using our experience in optimizing use of Taxiways, Stands and Flight Schedules and running scenarios that included construction mitigations, contingency plans and other considerations, we were able to advise all involved parties about future road traffic flows.

Heathrow Terminal 3 AiQ Simulation Model


The Benefits

BAA were able to act upon our advice and optimize their road traffic network for S14. By integrating all available data and all other stakeholders, they were confident that steps would be put in place to deal with the forecast growth and fully realize the capacity. AIQ were able to continue advising the client throughout the process, using our experience in capacity planning and stakeholder management.


  • Prevented unnecessary investment costs
  • Reduced vehicle queuing at peak operating times
  • Resource utilisation increased
  • Stakeholders acceptance
  • Improved ADP (Arrivals delivery performance)
  • Improved passenger customer service and airport experience
  • Guaranteed long-term utilisation