Sydney Airport, Australia

The Challenge

Sydney Airport required independent, expert knowledge on baggage systems in order to validate the effect of new technology, such as Early Bag Stores and Bag Drops on their current system. AiQ Consulting were asked to produce a comprehensive 3D simulation of their baggage system to substantiate the improvements new technology would make on capacity, flexibility and passenger experience.

The Solution

The AiQ Consulting team used our bespoke 2½ D simulation modeling tool, Transvision AiR, alongside Sim3D, arguably the fast becoming ‘defacto’ 3D simulation package replacing legacy suites such as AutoMod. Our Transvision AiR system integrates seamlessly with the new technology to provide a comprehensive report on demand and passenger flow with a complete 3D visualisation. This is a great benefit for clients, allowing them to see the effects of new technology without having to make costly changes.

AiQ Consulting provided simulation independent from the baggage provider. Our objective validation gives clients the ability to ask ‘what if’ questions around further design and development without having to approach the system integrator, who is likely to have a vested interest on the outcome.

The Benefit

As well as the benefits provided by the combination of Transvision AiR and 3D simulation, AiQ Consulting delivered a faster and more cost effective overview of the baggage system than the system integrators. Our integrated technology also allows us to send data between clients, ourselves and system integrators seamlessly.

The benefits of the demand capacity of Tranvision AiR and Sim3D visualisation and mechanics combined, allowed the client to fully understand the impact that any changes and improvements on the baggage system would have before making any unnecessary investment costs.

During the project, AiQ worked with AvLogix Solutions, baggage systems consultant, providing specialised programming and resourcing knowledge.

  • Increased capacity and flexibility using new baggage technology
  • Efficient stakeholder management
  • Prevented unnecessary investment costs.
  • Resource utilisation increased
  • Improved passenger customer service and airport experience
  • Integrated technology
  • Expert baggage systems knowledge

Image Source: By Flickr user: Shayan (USA) USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons