Birmingham Airport, UK

The Challenge

AiQ Consulting were asked by our client to specify and manage the tender process for a new baggage system at Birmingham Airport. With incumbent system severely outdated, improvements were needed to take the capacity of the airport from 10 to 18 MPPA (Million Passengers per annum). Working with project management company Faithful+Gould and bagLOGIX, independent baggage system designers, this was a two year programme to overhaul the outdated baggage system.

AiQ were required to manage stakeholders, review the tender documents and provide expert baggage systems advice during the tender process.

The Solution

The new baggage system will virtually double capacity at the airport, exploring new technology, such as Early Bag Store, Common Check-In, and Compound Baggage Build, as well as ensuring the airport complies with ECAC Standard 3.

AiQ reviewed the tender documents specified by bagLOGIX, helped the client formulate the design and appoint the system integrator. With our expert baggage systems knowledge, we were integral in guiding the process to a successful conclusion.

The Benefit

Providing stakeholder management, AiQ Consulting coordinated the client team and other parties involved in the process, while delivering expert baggage systems advice. The new baggage systems will create more flexibility, capacity, redundancy (providing alternatives to check in) and resilience for Birmingham Airport moving forward.

We are now acting as project interface between the client’s project managers and the system integrators.

  • Smooth efficient operations
  • Increased capacity and flexibility using new baggage technology
  • Efficient stakeholder management
  • Prevented unnecessary investment costs
  • Resource utilisation increased
  • Improved passenger customer service and airport experience
  • Expert baggage system knowledge

Image Source: By Unimog404 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons