Heathrow T2

London Gatwick South Terminal

The Challenge

With 22 different designs provided for the South Terminal Baggage Hall, our client was keen for us to prove, using simulations by Transvision AiR, that the chosen design worked effectively with traffic flows in the baggage hall and apron.

Using data provided by Babcock International (who were working on the ‘in’ system baggage simulation) the challenge was to provide a sophisticated, comprehensive MUP system, that LGW had never had before, that Babcock could use to inform their own systems, before using the overall data to simulate traffic flows within the new baggage hall design for the new terminal.


The Solution

Using our expertise working with stakeholders and providing sophisticated but simple working simulations, we were able to work with all the ground handlers and airlines involved within the airport in order to provide the most comprehensive MUP plan Gatwick had ever had.

We were able to provide the client a detailed, but easy to read, overview of each of the different MUP positions within the restricted space of the Check-in area including transferring passengers and 1st Class check-ins and including additional information such as Tug Train arrivals, the rotation of empty and full tins, and so on.

We worked with all stakeholders to collate all the required data and ensure that they were happy with the resulting MUP and the baggage hall design.

The Benefit

We successfully realised and optimised capacity with the MUP area, ensuring stakeholder integration and a more efficient terminal.

We also proved that the chosen baggage hall design would work and improve passenger flows. This involved working extremely closely with Babcock International, both providing data to them and working with their data.

  • Optimised capacity within existing structures
  • Prevented unnecessary investment costs
  • Improved passenger customer service and airport experience
  • Efficient communications and decisive management
  • Use of data and simulation to provide effective capacity planning
  • Delivered a practical, cost effective solution
  • Stakeholder integration and acceptance
  • Integrated approach