Airport Recovery

Efficiently manage your operational recovery with our demand modelling tool,  Airport Recovery Tool, ARTΔReopening your airport following the COVID-19 pandemic brings new and ever-changing flight schedules, presenting unprecedented challenges and complexities to your entire operation. Our solution is the Airport Recovery Tool, ARTΔ.

Fast, simple and flexible, this tool quickly provides airport managers with a holistic operational vision across 13 key processes including new health screening and social distancing processes for fast and smart decisions in managing your changeable daily resource requirement.

Calculated from your flight schedules, the tool offers a range of reportable data in simple excel reports for fast distribution to team. It rapidly determines passenger and baggage hourly flows, resource and equipment needs acros the entire operation and predicts queue lengths and waiting times all within the same tool, optimising daily operational costs and supporting the safety of passengers.

Easily configurable, ARTΔ comes with a standard set of assumptions for airline, aircraft, passenger, baggage & GSE to allow for rapid deployment. Assumptions include Level of Service for queue lengths & waiting times, passenger & baggage profiling, segregations, and time of day modelling, all of which can be configured for different Social Distancing & Return to Work requirements.

With free basic set-up, ARTΔ can be provided as a license for internal use or as a cost effective remote service by our world class airport planning team.

In partnership with airport focussed architects, medical service providers and modular building solution providers, AiQ can model, set and operate health screening solutions to airports worldwide. Find out more here. 



  • 1. Health Screening
  • 2. Check-in
  • 3. Departure Baggage
  • 4. Boarding Gates
  • 5. Emigration
  • 6. Passenger Security
  • 7. IDL
  • 8. Immigration
  • 9. Baggage Reclaim
  • 10. Aircraft Stands/Gates
  • 11. GSE
  • 12. ULD
  • 13. Runway


  • Arrivals, Transfer & Departures
  • Passengers, Baggage, Vehicles & Aircraft
  • Segregations
  • Time of day
  • Flows
  • Queue lengths
  • Waiting lengths


For airports who wish to outsource your strategic and operational needs, AiQ is offering a cost-effective Airport Planning Service using our Airport Recovery Tool ARTΔ. Our award-winning airport dedicated team can provide a better, cheaper, faster, scalable, and more flexible planning service than traditional in-house planning teams. A new airport world requires a new approach. Find out more about our Airport Planning Service. 


  • Assists operational cost optimisation
  • Provides high level management decision support
  • Assist with daily, weekly and seasonal decisions
  • Resources and staff levels against LoS
  • Visual impact of changing demand
  • Safety and confidence of passengers
  • React quickly to sudden business changes
  • Identify constraints before they occur
  • Provide input for stakeholder acceptance
  • Operational efficiency across the entire airport