Ian MacKinnon

Ian MacKinnon: Technical Director

  • Complex Database Management
  • Data Simulation & Modelling
  • Technical Engineering
  • Business Solutions

Role in AiQ

As Technical Director, Ian uses his engineering background to model, simulate and solve complex data issues within airports. He brings to AiQ his experience with developing and managing IT solutions, as well as the understanding of commercial and operation concerns key to the aviation industry.


An Oxford Graduate, Ian’s background is in complex database management and querying. Using Big Data to model and simulate industrial and telecommunications processes, Ian’s projects within the aviation industry include Engineering and maintaining integrated baggage management, simulation and reporting programmes, developing resource management tools and ad-hoc contingency solutions for baggage problems. His previous roles include Project Managing, Consulting and Delivering a large range of high profile projects for businesses such as Zurich, Thames Water, Gebler Tooth Architects and BT.

or call Ian on 0203 5989124 or email ian.mackinnon@aiqconsulting.com