Osama Mohammed

Osama Mohammed: Airport Analyst

Particular skills

  • Airport Operations
  • Client Consultancy Support
  • Data Simulation and Modelling
  • Airport Surveys and Data Analytics
  • Complex Database Management
  • Project Management

Role in AiQ

Osama’s role as an Airport Analyst involves data analytics and simulation modelling with software development to help solve complex data issues within airports. His role requires understanding of airport processes and operations individually and holistically to support the AiQ team with day-to-day client consultancy as well as the technical development of our bespoke modelling software TransVision AiR™. Osama is also involved with airport surveys and data acquisition and processing to develop queries and generate reports.


Osama has a MSc in Data Science from Northumbria University and a first class Bachelor in Engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics from the Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology in Bangalore. He recently worked as an intern for Northumbria University designing and conducting experiments related to Human Activity Recognition using deep learning.