Meet Our AiQ Team – Client Marketer – Pauline Turner

Pauline Turner - AiQ Client Marketer

In the next part of our AiQ Meet the Team series we talk to Pauline. As one of client marketing team, Pauline makes contact with decision makers within the aviation industry to talk about AiQ and the work we can do for their businesses and airports.

What is a typical day like at AiQ?

I make contact with people within the aviation industry and introduce myself and AiQ. The people who I make contact with are existing contacts and those who we feel will be interested to hear about our services at AiQ Consulting. I call, email, and then follow up afterwards, gauging interest and discussing the next stage. This is usually a meeting with the AiQ team who can present our capabilities.

Then I need to find an appropriate time for everyone involved to meet. This is the difficult part – our contacts are always busy, as are our team, so I need to find a time to suit all of them!

What AiQ projects that you have worked on are you most proud of?

Working with the Manchester Airport Group. This involved using LinkedIn to find the right contacts, starting a conversation and setting up a meeting with Adrian Todd and the rest of the team. A very productive meeting commenced and we are keeping in touch for future work.

What’s the best bit of your job?

85% of calls I’ve made have had a positive response, and they are nice people too! Everyone seems to be very receptive and enjoy having a conversation with me. And the best bit is always when they respond!

What is it like working alongside your talented team members?

I enjoy spending time with my AiQ colleagues and being part of the team. It’s quite exciting!

Do you have a passion for aviation or consultancy?

Not aviation or consultancy as such, but I like new challenges. Although I do like visiting airports as I love people watching.

What does the future hold for AiQ?

I think we are going to do really well, we’ve had so many positive responses. We fulfil a role in the market that no one else does – we can do those ‘middle projects’ and so suit our clients and their needs very well.

What’s next for your role in AiQ?

I’ve started to contact companies within the United Arab Emirates, as well as calling India and Australia. I’ve already had some interest so we’re going to be very busy!

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Meet Our AiQ Team – Senior Consultant – Rupert Beazley


Welcome to the first of a series of posts where we explore a few key people within the AiQ team, their roles and their passions. AiQ have had a massive impact in the aviation industry over the last year and this is due to our very talented team, both working on the ground at our airports, and behind the scenes.

Rupert Beazley is one of our talented senior consultants, contributing to key projects such as the Heathrow Terminal 3 Option Study for the new £360 million baggage system. In the first blog of our series of Q&As with our team, we talk to him about a typical day, the rest of the team and the future of AiQ.

What is a typical day like at AiQ?

I have lots of meetings at Heathrow with various stakeholders, investigating and analysing issues and problems. It’s really looking at liaising with different factions within the airport – ground handlers, stakeholders, and more.

There is also lots going on in the airport, so we need to check where things are or have been moved to! Things change so quickly, you can’t take it for granted.

What AiQ projects that you have worked on are you most proud of?

My first T4 baggage handling project at Heathrow. This was looking at the baggage halls, redesigning them to work more efficiently. We had to ensure that the proposed design worked, and that it was the right thing to do. In the back of the baggage hall there were two sorties that were to be combined into one. I had to look at the process, check that it was feasible and that there was enough mitigation. This is still going through its first phase now.

It was slightly complicated, but the process wasn’t a complete mystery to me – it was fairly simple when you looked at it.

What’s the best bit of your job?

The consultancy – talking to key stakeholders throughout the airport. Going round the airport and talking to people is one of the best parts of my job.

What is it like working alongside your talented team members?

They are great fun, excellent, very supportive and pragmatic. It’s a key thing in the job we do – pragmatism prevails in the airport environment.

Do you have a passion for aviation or consultancy?

I’ve always worked in consultancy. My background is in corporate consultancy and I’m passionate about it. With regards to aviation, my interest is more within the MOD. I would often spend summer holidays in Anglesey as a child, visiting RAF Valley once every year.

In my other role, away from AiQ, I also work on a consultancy project working for MOD sites, including aircraft and ground maintenance.

What does the future hold for AiQ?

The future looks good for AiQ. Heathrow is in a bit of a static position at the moment, so there’s lots of change but it gives us the chance to open up more to other airports.

We’re the only end-to-end strategic and capacity planning consultancy. A lot of people know the detail, but not enough for the whole picture. This is where AiQ comes in.

What’s next for your role at AiQ?

More of the same, whether at Heathrow or at other airports, getting into more projects. I’ve just competed the closure of the Terminal 1 project, mitigating aircraft from T1.

To read more about Rupert and our team here or to read our case studies.

Walking you around the Walkabout

One of the highlights of our days is the walkabout – taking time to travel around the airports we work in to collect data, view airside layout changes and take time to talk to stakeholders.

We do official ‘walkabout’s (surveys) of Heathrow once every quarter – This is where we assess the whole of the airport to see what has changed and collect relevant data. It may be that car parking allocations have altered, a temporary building has been erected or a construction project has taken some land – this may cause problems if we have targeted this space as possible land to solve a capacity problem!

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Providing Services to Consultants

Are you looking for airport consultants or airport capacity planners who can cost effectively deliver and work efficiently with your team?

We are happy to provide our services to other Consultancies where they lack the resource, specific knowledge or the tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This includes multi discipline engineer consultants and project managers working in the aviation industry, amongst others.

We have many years experience in working with airport consultant’s engineers and project managers, solving airport capacity problems quickly and innovatively.

What are the benefits in working with AiQ?

  • We work as an extension of your existing team – making you more competitive.
  • We are airport consultants and can communicate with all stakeholders effectively at every level, taking the pressure off your team.
  • We can clearly present solutions using our bespoke simulation tool, Transvision AiR, to clearly demonstrate and prove your proposed change or solution to stakeholders.
  • Using Transvision Air, we can predict and schedule the impact of your planned change.
  • We have the practical attitude, intelligent solutions and excellent consulting skills to give you the confidence and peace of mind that we can deliver any stakeholder capacity challenge.
  • Using our airport expertise, we:
    • optimise facilities and equipment,
    • reduce congestion and waiting times,
    • improve passenger experience.


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Heathrow Terminal 2 Opens – Successful completion of the AiQ MUP Planning Contract

Following a lot of hard work by all involved, Heathrow’s new Terminal 2 opens this week.

Described as an extraordinary new space in its own right, it has been “designed from the outset with the needs of the individual passenger at its heart and with sustainability as a guiding principle.” (

Moving partner airlines closer together to improve flight connections and passenger experience was central to the vision behind this amazing new terminal, and AiQ were part of the team to make that happen.

We were awarded the contract for Terminal 2 MUP Planning in February, as part of our work for MACE. This involved creating live allocation plans for the make up for Terminal 2 in preparation for the opening. Revised schedules, airlines moving from T3 to T2, and ground handler contract changes, all added to the challenging conditions. Requirement to use the older T1 baggage systems to service the new T2 baggage systems, constraining makeup resources, was also a key concern.

Our expert knowledge of airport operations, capacity planning and stakeholder management ensured that the project was completed and extremely successful.

We coordinated with the ground handlers and all operational elements, including the Aviation Business Continuity Consultancy who ran and managed the actual trails. We also worked with the Baggage Handling Systems department of Babcock International, Menzies Aviation and United Airlines handling.

As well as designing and co-ordinating the project in the run up to the opening of the new Terminal, we were also present on the day of the trails, which were very successful.

We were honoured to be part of such a ground-breaking vision of airport capacity and efficiency, and look forward to more projects with Heathrow in the months and years to come.

To find out more about our work with Heathrow, read our case studies or contact us today.

AiQ – How do we work?


AiQ delivers expert consultancy services, tailored to individual client’s goals and capacity requirements.  We diagnose, develop solutions, implement and oversee live operation as part of our service.

Using our process model, we follow each of the elements in all our operations to ensure we solve airport capacity problems quickly and innovatively, giving peace of mind to our clients.


We create clear and concise brief response based on our experience and expert knowledge. Understanding the high level goals and detailed requirements driven by technical efficiency, safety, security and environmental sustainability, we identify the cause and nature of any capacity problem in Airports swiftly and efficiently.

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