AiQ – How do we work?


AiQ delivers expert consultancy services, tailored to individual client’s goals and capacity requirements.  We diagnose, develop solutions, implement and oversee live operation as part of our service.

Using our process model, we follow each of the elements in all our operations to ensure we solve airport capacity problems quickly and innovatively, giving peace of mind to our clients.


We create clear and concise brief response based on our experience and expert knowledge. Understanding the high level goals and detailed requirements driven by technical efficiency, safety, security and environmental sustainability, we identify the cause and nature of any capacity problem in Airports swiftly and efficiently.

We are experts at data gathering and analysis, with experience of working with Big Data throughout airport, apron, terminal and airfield. We also create a dedicated project resource to ensure end to end continuity.

Develop Solution

Our statistical and simulation modelers create bespoke models using our unique simulation tool, Transvision AiR, to generate and validate options.

This also gives us the option of presenting information that clearly demonstrates and proves the proposed change or solutions to all stakeholders. This ensures understanding, buy-in and integration throughout all levels of management, contractors and ground handling teams.

Our expert technical design team also provides innovative solutions to define process and infrastructure needs, within a structured design process.


We know how to manage a project and put in place creative, efficient solutions, seeing it through to the final stages.

AiQ can liaise successfully with the relevant stakeholders for project implementation and manage specialist providers, as well as ensuring continuity using implementation plans to manage the process.

We are skilled at working with clients, operators, suppliers and all stakeholders to manage change in a proactive manner. This includes presentations, one to ones, training and workshops ensure full engagement and consensus with stakeholders.

Live operation

When the changes are in place, we ensure that many steps are undertaken to guarantee the operational efficiency of the operation. This includes:

  • Ongoing testing
  • Training, documentation and familiarisation
  • Commissioning
  • Develop commissioning and testing scripts
  • Manage testing and commissioning process to stakeholder acceptance

We also work with all stakeholders for continued operational success. As well as understanding the input of future operational change we undertake the project lifecycle and efficiency review, providing an overall management strategy to ensure operational readiness.

With our genuine desire and commitment to achieve the best, lasting outcome for our clients, we quickly understand a brief, engage with all stakeholders and see projects through to the end. We optimize passenger experience, protect operations, maximize capacity and reduce risk.

To find out more about our services, request our statement of capability presentation today.