AiQ Announces Further New Contracts

AiQ at Heathrow TerminalFollowing our announcement that we are to be retained by Heathrow as Airside Operations Seasonal Planners, we have been awarded several new contracts in recent weeks.

These include:

Heathrow Terminal 2 MUP Planning

This project is further work based on the capacity analysis that we completed for Heathrow a few years ago. Working for MACE, this will involve live allocation plans for the make up for Terminal 2 in preparation for the opening in June.

As airlines move from T3 to T2, with revised schedules and many ground handler contract changes, these plans are based on new, changing and challenging requirements.  Terminal 2 MUP Planning requires the use of older T1 baggage systems to service the new T2 baggage systems, which will constrain makeup resources.

This contract will take full advantage of AiQ’s stakeholder management expertise to keep the airline and ground handler community well informed and happy with the changes taking place.

Despite these challenging conditions, our expert knowledge of airport operations, capacity planning and stakeholder management will ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum for passengers, airlines, ground handling crew and others involved.

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AiQ announces new Airside Capacity Modeling Contract at Heathrow

Airside Image AiQ wins new Contract at HeathrowAiQ are pleased to announce that we are now Heathrow’s Airside Operations Seasonal Planners. This operational contract, awarded by HAL in February, is to simulate Apron and Passenger Traffic activity for the whole of Heathrow, the most complex hub airport in the world.

Working with Gebler Tooth Architects (GTA) and using our bespoke 2D simulation model, Transvision AiR, we will maintain an airport capacity model with a reportable database and 2D visual vehicle simulation of the LHR Terminal Airside road and retail operations, parking and stand network.  It  includes a baseline database and simulation model for vehicle operations such as: Read More »

UK Airports – Rewriting the Future

Airport empty Can Storage SolutionAs the UK’s Airports Commission struggles to find a viable option for the much needed growth in the UK’s airports, AiQ Consulting have been finding new ways to tackle the much discussed lack of capacity.

The Airports Commission has ruled out almost all the options to increase UK airport capacity (with the exception of expanding Heathrow and Gatwick). Proposals to expand Luton, Stansted or Birmingham, build new airports at various locations around London, or create an orbital railway have all been dismissed, but what can airports do to ensure their business increases and passengers, airlines, ground handlers and more have an efficient, growing service?

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Simulations – Using Nature as a Guide

Ever wondered how crows managed to choose just the right moment to fly away when you drive towards them? No matter how tasty the carrion or how unaware they seem to be, the probability is, while you may (momentarily) close your eyes and grip the wheel in panic, the bird escapes your grill unscathed.

The same wonder of nature is seen in the work of beehives. Without any meetings, conference calls or threatening emails, bees have a natural order that allows them to scout, forage and produce effectively. These in-built, biological orders have, of course, not gone unnoticed by scientists and researchers, that have used them to create simulations that have a number of uses, not least in the aviation industry. Read More »