How can regional airports define optimum success?


For small regional airports, reaching the optimum passenger Levels of Service (LoS) can be hard to achieve. Without the large support network, stakeholders and suppliers that a hub airport possesses, regional airports may find it difficult to know how large their check in area should be, whether their passengers are travelling through departures in an acceptable amount of time, and if their arrivals procedure is up to scratch. Read More »

Working in Partnership at Airports Worldwide

There is long history of suppliers and contractors working in partnership to generate the best results for clients. Airports, and the aviation industry as a whole, rely on different companies working together strategically to achieve their aims. While we can offer expertise in airport capacity planning, baggage systems, data modeling and stakeholder engagement, AiQ collaborate with teams of other contactors, such as airport design consultants, project managers and baggage design consultants, all contributing their own relevant specialisms. Read More »

Defining the optimum level of service for airports worldwide


AiQ Consulting’s new IATA Modelling Tool provides airports with a new and efficient way of assessing their current and future infrastructure and operational needs based on the passenger level of service (LoS) requirements as outlined in the Airport Development Reference Manual 10th Edition (ADRM). The ADRM, published by IATA, has defined excellence in airport design for millions of passengers worldwide for over 40 years. Read More »