Regional Airports – Using different airline operating models for growth and expansion

Regional Airport Manchester Airport T2

AiQ Consulting has been working with regional airports for many years, using our knowledge and experience to solve capacity issues and passenger flow problems, as well as recommending baggage handling processes and new technologies to improve efficiency.

In this two part blog, we will explore the different types of airline operating models and the challenges they present for regional airports. Read More »

AiQ Talks Airport Capacity Management in Singapore

World class experts of Airport Capacity Management

World Class Airport Experts, Adrian Todd, director of AiQ Consulting, and Richard Chapman of ADC (Airport Design Consult) recently lectured senior airport managers, consultants and analysts in Singapore regarding the key aspects of Airport Capacity Management. The delegates came from a range of airports and companies such as Airports Authority India and Adelande Airport in South Australia. They offered practical advice, guidance and support to those involved in capacity planning and operational efficiency within the airport industry. Read More »