AiQ Talks Airport Capacity Management in Singapore

World class experts of Airport Capacity Management

World Class Airport Experts, Adrian Todd, director of AiQ Consulting, and Richard Chapman of ADC (Airport Design Consult) recently lectured senior airport managers, consultants and analysts in Singapore regarding the key aspects of Airport Capacity Management. The delegates came from a range of airports and companies such as Airports Authority India and Adelande Airport in South Australia. They offered practical advice, guidance and support to those involved in capacity planning and operational efficiency within the airport industry.

The Airport Capacity Management Course, facilitated by EquipGlobal, was extremely well received by attendees, who highlighted in the course feedback the focused approach, wealth of knowledge and excellent coaches. As well as exploring the key aspects and elements of ACM, the course, based on IATA standards, provided an understanding of its relevance within variety of operations including airfield, apron, terminal including baggage. Attendees learnt how to manage demand peaks and troughs including busy periods or changing schedules, utilise resources more effectively and gained an insight into the unique power of data analytics and advanced simulation for making strategic airport decisions.

With an Engineering and Business background, Adrian has worked in Heathrow, Gatwick, Leeds Bradford, Hyderabad, Manchester and other major airports for the many years using his project and stakeholder management skills to increase capacity and create operational efficiencies in the projects.

Adrian Todd said “We want to share our knowledge and expertise with other consultants. Airports are a team event and we’re happy to team up with other consultancies, analysts and senior airport management across the world to help them provide the solutions they need.”

Using his AiQ experience, Adrian worked with the attendees to offer practical advice, guidance and support to people involved in capacity planning and operational efficiency within the airport industry including hub, regional, low cost and pop up airports. The attendees also benefited from discussing their own airport capacity management plans in a group environment, as well as looking into industry trends and insight into the relevance of data analysis.

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