Staggering figures from the Indian Aviation Industry, but can Airports Handle this Rise?


India’s aviation industry is in need of some fast-moving and efficient solutions to tackle their growing airport capacity problems.  The region has seen exponential growth over recent decades, with the volume of passenger traffic trebling in the last ten years. In fact, the increase in passenger traffic between 2001 and 2011 was three times the growth that had been achieved in the previous 50 years. A similar increase is predicted over the next decade.

Most airports in India are coming within reach of their existing capacities, if they haven’t already, and the country urgently needs new facilities and airports to ensure that the network can keep up with demand. But why has India got such a constrained network of airports? And what can be done to ensure that capacity is not an issue?

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Could your airport benefit from new baggage screening technology?


Both Schiphol Airport in The Netherlands and Zurich Airport, Switzerland, have been benefiting immensely from the great efficiencies enabled from new baggage and security screening technology. Schipol Airport in particular is reported to be able to process three times the passengers through screening than they were able to achieve previously.

The new technologies that have enhanced baggage check-in use automation, one of the most beneficial advances in airport security screening and baggage handling that we have experienced recently. Read More »