Working in Partnership at Airports Worldwide

There is long history of suppliers and contractors working in partnership to generate the best results for clients. Airports, and the aviation industry as a whole, rely on different companies working together strategically to achieve their aims. While we can offer expertise in airport capacity planning, baggage systems, data modeling and stakeholder engagement, AiQ collaborate with teams of other contactors, such as airport design consultants, project managers and baggage design consultants, all contributing their own relevant specialisms.

Working in partnership can take many forms. Whether this is at the very beginning of projects, at the procurement stage, or over the short or long term, there is immense value added to the task by combining our unique skill set with that of other suppliers.


We often inform and advise on tenders and the tender process for airports, working in partnership with other companies. A recent example of this is our work for Birmingham Airport, with project management company Faithful+Gould and bagLOGIX, independent baggage system designers. During this two-year programme to overhaul the baggage system, we specified and managed the tender process, reviewing the tender documents specified by bagLOGIX, helping the client formulate the design and appointing the system integrator.

As we also specialise in stakeholder management, we were able to coordinate the client team and other parties involved in the process. The benefits to the client, as well as a smooth tendering process with documents based in expert baggage systems knowledge, is the installation of a new baggage system that will create more flexibility, capacity and resilience.


As above, completing projects within any airport requires working with others to ensure that systems cooperate within the limits of space, security and the needs of a working airport. We work in partnership with other contractors over short and long term projects. With our expert baggage systems and capacity planning knowledge and hands-on expertise, we are integral in guiding any process to a successful conclusion.

At GMR Hyderabad (also known as Rajiv Gandhi International Airport), India, we undertook an Airport Capacity Assessment to augment capacity utilising the existing Terminal footprint. Alongside expert airport architects and designers Gebler Tooth Architects and ADC (Airport Design Consult), AiQ were required to provide resource and spatial demand against IATA Ed 10 standards. Our data informed the redesign of the terminal, creating additional capacity and increased efficiency to the client and the airport.

Our bespoke modeling tools and knowledge of other simulation systems are also of great use to our partners. For example, at Sydney Airport our team used our own TransvisionAiR™ 2½D modeling tool alongside Sim3D, a very popular 3D simulation package. As the TransvisionAiR™ system integrates seamlessly with the new technology, we were able to provide a comprehensive report on demand and passenger flow with a complete 3D visualisation. During the project, AiQ worked with Ashcote Consulting Ltd, baggage systems consultant, providing our specialised programming and resourcing knowledge.

This is a great benefit for clients, allowing them to fully understand the impact that any changes and improvements on the baggage system would have, before making any unnecessary investment costs.

Working in partnership with other contractors within airports and the aviation industry is an essential part of AiQ’s role. We successfully bring our skills and expertise, hands-on knowledge and management of stakeholders, to projects worldwide in order to improve airport design, operational efficiency, capacity, passenger journeys and more.