How Can Airport Capacity Planning & Assessment Future-Proof Your Airport?

With global passenger footfall expected to double by 2037, it has never been more important to utilise kerbside to airspace consulting, modelling, and forecasting to help you solve the most complex airport capacity planning challenges.

At AiQ we can identify efficiencies and solve growing challenges across whole operations – from passengers and baggage to transit vehicles, ground support equipment and flights – kerbside to airside, we’re with you all the way.

This data can be used to create airport capacity assessments that have the power to future-proof airports by evaluating just how efficiently the equipment, resources and space is used. By collating analytics from kerbside all the way through to airspace, this integrated and holistic approach allows clients to visualise and realise ‘unseen’ capacity, and identify improvements.

Why carry out an Airport Capacity Planning Assessment? 

The benefits in carrying out and implementing airport capacity assessments are significant. Constrained airports cannot simply meet increasing capacity demands by just adding more infrastructure. They must realise ‘unseen’ capacity by visualising how they are using their existing capacity, and how peak periods or unforeseen circumstances can stretch their service against their set standards or SLAs. 

Even for airports not currently facing an uplift in demand, airport capacity planning can highlight the options for future growth and can provide unique insights across operations to maximise competitive advantage. 

At AiQ, with our integrated approach, we are able to test future designs and master plans, and provide financial analysis and development capabilities, to ensure developments are on track from the outset.

How do we do Airport Capacity Planning Assessments?

Our bespoke modelling and simulation software TransvisionAiR® enables smart decision-making through a choice of outputs – spreadsheets, graphs, 2D and 3D animation, as well as virtual reality.

TransvisionAiR Aiport Modelling and Simulation

TransvisionAiR®, designed by our own team, creates clear airport capacity scenario models that provides the client with the information needed to visualise change in a simple way whilst testing the functionality and performance of new or existing capacity concepts. 

As this is our own software, we’re able to provide quick answers, identify problems, and provide solutions on a cost-efficient basis. We also work with other consultancies, stakeholders, architects, ground handlers, airlines, management teams & more to maximise your competitive advantage, reduce risk and future proof your operation.  

Where do we work?

We’ve worked with many airports to provide this service, including London Heathrow, where we maintain an airport capacity model with a reportable database and 2½D visual vehicle simulation of the entire airport Terminal Airside Operations. Other airport capacity assessment projects include Budapest, Leeds Bradford, Schiphol, Southend, Stansted, Narita, Bristol and many more.

We’ve been supporting owners, operators and stakeholders across the world’s airports for over 20 years. Whether you’re a 1 million passenger regional airport or an 80 million passenger hub, we can help. 

For more information about our solutions on airport consultancy, airport capacity planning, and airport assessments, contact us today.