Working in collaboration with NATS for Constrained and Saturated Airports

AiQ Consulting is now working in collaboration with aviation experts NATS to deliver end-to-end capacity planning assessments involving passengers, baggage, vehicles, flights, GSE and airspace to airports worldwide.

The Benefits

This ‘one-stop-shop’ for clients brings many benefits. As one team providing a full airport capacity and operational efficiency analysis and simulation of the passenger journey, we can present to the airport the most efficient transition of passengers from arriving, through the terminal, onto the aircraft and arriving at their destination. We are able to solve complex capacity problems, validate processes or designs and optimise operational efficiency, whilst provide crucial stakeholder management throughout the decision making process. Read More »

Prepare for your future airport with unique airport intelligence

Solving complex problems at constrained and saturated airports is the core of our business. Our unique, multi-disciplinary team works in partnership with you to provide a scientific approach to innovating your future airport. We are global experts in creating capacity and operational efficiency, solving complex problems and introducing new technologies.

We focus on the AiQ – the airport intelligence. We work with clients around the world to create smart airports,  turning big data into scientific approaches for decision making.

Why AiQ?

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Meet our Team: Marina del Val Pérez

This edition of our series of Meet the Team Q&As is with Airport Planner, Marina del Val Pérez. A business analyst with theoretical knowledge of airports and air traffic management, as well as a Master’s Thesis defining airspace capacity and a MSc in Aeronautical Engineering, Marina undertakes a client consultancy and development support role for Airport Demand & Capacity Planning.

What is a typical day like at AiQ?

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Talent is the Key to our Success


The ability of our team, and how we work together effectively, has long been part of AiQ’s strategy. Our people are one of the most important aspects of AiQ and we take them, and their training, seriously.

“Part of the AiQ vision was to have the best people quickly and easily solving the most complex problems; and presenting solutions in a simple and cost effective ways.” Adrian Todd, Director .

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Strategic Integration Procedures at Menzies plc

We’ve been following the past experience of Adrian Stratta, our Senior Consultant at AiQ Consulting. Adrian has had a fascinating career and we’re very fortunate to be able to gain insights and further understanding from his comprehensive knowledge. In this blog we review his integration role at Menzies USA and notably, the adoption of a People Plan within the delivery.  Read More »

Meet Our AiQ Team – Simulation Engineer – Jakob Peeker

Jakob Peeker

Jakob is a Simulation Engineer at AiQ, contributing to key project simulations and working on our unique 2½D simulation tool, Transvision AiR. In the next of our series of Q&As, we talk to him about a typical day, the best bit about working for AiQ and what the future holds.

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Meet Our AiQ Team – Director – Adrian Todd

Adrian Todd

Welcome to the next in our series of posts ‘Meet our AiQ Team’. This week we would like to introduce you to Adrian Todd, one of our directors. Adrian is responsible for overseeing the business and leading our very talented team, both working on the ground at our airports, and behind the scenes.

What is a typical day like at AiQ?

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