Meet Our AiQ Team – Management Accountant – Rachel Mannering

Rachel Mannering

In our series of blogs ‘Meet our Team’, we talk to Rachel Mannering, our Management Accountant about her role with AiQ.

What is a typical day like at AiQ?

It varies – there is no such thing as a typical day, which is good. It’s always busy and a bit different. I’m based at our Wallingford office, so not at the heart of operations, but I keep in contact with key team members, as well as our partners at Gebler Tooth Architects (GTA).

I look at the financial side of AiQ, liaising with suppliers and clients and sorting out the often quite complicated payment system. I spend a lot of time chasing people!

I work on management accounts, day to day financial running of the business and admin, like ordering stationery. I also have HR duties, sorting out payments, holidays and so on.

What AiQ projects that you have worked on are you most proud of?

I don’t work on specific projects as such but I do look at the sales pipeline and manage the order book – both are far more complicated than you could imagine!

Project work takes a long time. There are long lead times that we have to consider when looking at processes and payments.

What’s the best bit of your job?

I like the variety, and the AiQ team are a nice bunch of people to work with. An enthusiastic group – although I’m not physically sitting next to most of them, we still feel like a team.

What is it like working alongside your talented team members?

I can’t say I always understand every aspect of their job, but they are very talented at what they do. And this works the other way round, when they consider my role! It’s an exciting place to be.

Do you have a passion for aviation or consultancy?

Not as such, but I do find aviation very interesting. I find the infrastructure of airports fascinating, how it all works and fits together.

There is a difference between being a passenger and being an observer, when you visit an airport. It’s like a thriving city – fascinating!

What’s next for your role in AiQ?

AiQ as a team are growing and evolving. My personal aim is to improve the processes I work on, do more value-added activity rather than the day-to-day tasks, and keep providing analysis of all the information we acquire.

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