Prepare for your future airport with unique airport intelligence

Solving complex problems at constrained and saturated airports is the core of our business. Our unique, multi-disciplinary team works in partnership with you to provide a scientific approach to innovating your future airport. We are global experts in creating capacity and operational efficiency, solving complex problems and introducing new technologies.

We focus on the AiQ – the airport intelligence. We work with clients around the world to create smart airports,  turning big data into scientific approaches for decision making.

Why AiQ?

Complex problems, big data, the challenges of airport resilience, new techniques such as early bag store, self check-in, GSE pooling or disruptive new technologies such as automation and autonomous vehicles need a dedicated and knowledgeable team to make commercial sense of the problems.

This is what we have created. Born out of over 12 years hands on experience at London Heathrow – famous for being space constrained and full to capacity, undergoing constant development and change – we have built a multidisciplinary team that has a strong reputation for problem solving.

We set out with the vision to build an airport consultancy company that had data analysts from a scientific background at its core, capable of developing models, simulations and analytics from first principles. From this base we have introduced Airport Planners, Airport Operations and Business Specialists, as well as Engineers, Architects, Civil Engineers and Management Consultants, that gives us a depth and breadth unique to aviation consultancies.

Our team strives to maintain close working relationships with clients, exchanging ideas, news and feedback. We are organised in a distinctive way to benefit the client, without layers of management or sales. The person who generates the proposal works the project, directly assembles the team and manages them.

How can we help your airport?

Defining what the problem is resides at the heart of what we do.

Resolving complex systems and big data into visual results and simulations is fraught with problems of both over-simplification and over-complication. Many organisations may keep applying the last template that gave an adequate outcome, but this approach is unlikely to be most efficient. Understanding what is actually happening in the models you creating, and keeping control of them, is the key to decision-making.

The systems we work with are as much about people as the processes that hold them together. If the stakeholders don’t engage with the problem solving process the ultimate solution will not work.

We shape the project around the clients’ needs, whether these are known at the beginning of the project or not. Our results provide efficient outputs and decision support to what are complex and multi-faceted problems.

We are agile and accountable, understanding the client and the brief through our point of contact. We talk to clients in their language. Our understanding and accountability means that we can provide elegant solutions tailored to the client and the level and value of the problem being solved.

As global experts in constrained and saturated airports, we provide a scientific approach to data analytics and innovation. Create your future airport with a unique team that provides airport intelligence, engagement across stakeholders and added value that works in partnership with you.

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