Meet Our AiQ Team – Airport Capacity Analyst – Nomaan Asghar

Next in our current series of Meet the Team Q&As, we talk to Nomaan Asghar, our Airport Capacity Analyst, about his role, the AiQ projects he is most proud of and what it’s like working with our inspiring and innovative team.

What is a typical day like at AiQ?

I get into our office at Heathrow around 7 am, read and respond to emails, set up meetings and get started on my projects. During the day I will meet stakeholders, talk through their daily operational issues and challenges and find solutions to their problems. Heathrow airport is always buzzing with activity so it’s an exciting place to be.

What AiQ projects that you have worked on are you most proud of?

At Heathrow, the Terminal 3 IB and Terminal 1 & 2 Airline Transition Moves projects have been the projects I have been most proud of. Working on T3IB involved Planning and Managing ‘live operation’ on behalf of HAL Projects, while the Airline Transition Moves required back of house management of a smooth transition of airlines switching from the old Terminal 1 into newly developed Terminal 2.

I also really enjoyed working on Hyderabad International Airport in India. This was a capacity assessment project looking at increasing passenger numbers for the airport.

What’s the best bit of your job?

The best part of my job is working in collaboration with not only the team at AiQ, but a diverse range of people. I love having the responsibility of entire projects; there is a huge sense of achievement and pride when a project is completed and delivered to our clients. There is always an opportunity to learn something new and no two days are the same.

What is it like working alongside your talented team members?

The team at AiQ is very talented. Everybody is an expert in their field so it’s very much a team effort. We all pull together to complete the various aspects of a project. We are all very passionate about roles so we always have fun doing our bit.

Do you have a passion for aviation or consultancy?

I must admit aviation is my first love. However, at AiQ, aviation and consultancy are so intertwined that I get the best of both worlds! I am mad about planes, love travelling and seeing how airports around the world operate. When I worked in operations, the focus was on security, passengers and getting things done there and then. In consultancy, it is completely different. Only with the many stages of planning, consultancy, negotiations and meetings later does a project reach completion and goes ‘live’. It’s always a relief when things go right!

What does the future hold for AiQ?

The future is bright and exciting. I work with an amazing group of people who bring their expertise to every project so there is definitely a buzz around AiQ as we expand. Hopefully, we will continue to have greater international presence and have more talented people in our team.

What’s next for your role in AiQ?

I will continue to work on projects at Heathrow and elsewhere as and when the need arises. I am looking forward to new challenges and growing within the AiQ team.