Talent is the Key to our Success

The ability of our team, and how we work together effectively, has long been part of AiQ’s strategy. Our people are one of the most important aspects of AiQ and we take them, and their training, seriously.

“Part of the AiQ vision was to have the best people quickly and easily solving the most complex problems; and presenting solutions in a simple and cost effective ways.” Adrian Todd, Director .

From our newest graduate trainee to our most experienced Director, people are a major part of our company. They are a key element in the ‘iQ’ of our approach.

Nurturing and mentoring talented people with passion for the aviation industry and the potential to be developed is critical to our business success. We undertake a lot of extensive post-graduate training with the right up-and-coming young stars of the sector, and the opportunity to see them grow and develop within our team and wider clients is a great motivation to us all.

“Once I complete my internship programme, I’m hoping to continue working with AiQ for a long time as an Airport planner. There’s much scope and potential with AiQ Consulting, as projects are bound to come, keeping in mind the quality and dedication of the team!” Mevin Varghese

Our extensive post-graduate training programme enables us, and our graduates, to hone the technical ability they have and help them engage with various stakeholders effectively. Our whole team works together in training and educating graduates, with skill-sharing and teamwork very much part of our projects every day.

“The team at AiQ is very talented. Everybody is an expert in their field so it’s very much a team effort. We all pull together to complete the various aspects of a project.” Nomaan Asghar, Airport Capacity Analyst 

Recent graduates have joined the team to take on roles in Airport Planning, Simulation Engineering and Airport Capacity Analysis. Whether they are working on the latest update of TransvisionAiRTM  or communicating with stakeholders on our newest contract, the ECAC Std 3 HBS Replacement Program at Heathrow Terminal 5 for MACE, they are a vital part of our projects. They are supported by more experienced members of the team, and in turn bring their new ideas and approaches to the table.

If you want to see how a graduate training scheme with AiQ would benefit you, contact us today