Meet Our AiQ Team – Director – Adrian Todd

Adrian Todd

Welcome to the next in our series of posts ‘Meet our AiQ Team’. This week we would like to introduce you to Adrian Todd, one of our directors. Adrian is responsible for overseeing the business and leading our very talented team, both working on the ground at our airports, and behind the scenes.

What is a typical day like at AiQ?

My typical day consists of going to a couple of clients to discuss requirements – what they want, how they want it, what assumptions and so on. This might involve a new piece of work, or we’ll discuss results.

I like to get out and about at an airport every day, even if it’s just for an hour. It could be walking through departures, timing things; or looking at where things are or where they have been moved to!

I’m constantly talking to the team, reviewing the progress of their projects.

What AiQ projects that you have worked on are you most proud of?

There are many. The London 2012 Pop up terminal, the very complex T2 Apron Simulation, and my first project at LHR with the Airline Move of United from T3 to T4 which was a lot of process work and our first ever plan. Other people didn’t have the time, skill or resources to do the job. Nobody else wanted to do it, so we did it! This was in 2008, and was our first step into Capacity Planning with Px Chk-in and Baggage Make-up.

The on-going connection of the new T3 remote baggage system into existing T3 Check In facilities; and all of the complex contingencies and mitigation requirements is another key project. This is a complex and risky piece of operational change for London Heathrow. It’s started and will be complete in 2015.

What’s the best bit of your job?

Working in a live airport environment where I’m interacting with all types of stakeholders – operations, airlines, ground handlers, control authorities, and more. Every time I’m out in the airport I still find it fascinating, exciting and stimulating. It’s a bizarre, surreal and wonderful place, with great people.

What is it like working alongside your talented team members?

They’re great. Really clever people, far cleverer than I am! They are well qualified, the best people I could recruit. Ian from Oxford, Jacob from Sweden, Nomaan from Cranfield, Olivia, Rachel, the whole management team, Graeme, Rupert who are experienced management consultants… We have the cleverest people and they are just wonderful.

Part of the AiQ vision was to have the best people quickly and easily solving the most complex problems; and presenting solutions in a simple and cost effective ways. And they are fun to work with!

Do you have a passion for aviation or consultancy?

Everyone is passionate about the work that they do. We’re getting to do things we want to do and we love; and we’re passionate about that. We thank the clients for that too!

I have a passion for both. I love airplanes and engineering, problems, processes, mathematics and making complexity simple. Airport consultancy helps me do all these things in an enjoyable environment.

What does the future hold for AiQ?

We kept ourselves a secret for six years but we don’t want to be a secret any more. We want to be seen as the cleverest and best, and we want the world to see it.

We want to share our knowledge and expertise with other consultants. Airports are a team event and we’re happy to team up with other consultancies to help them provide the solutions they need.

What’s next for your role at AiQ

I’m becoming more involved in leadership and marketing. My business development role is growing. I’m bringing in new talent and developing the best people in the world, which is crucial. Without the best people we’re nothing.