Working in collaboration with NATS for Constrained and Saturated Airports

AiQ Consulting is now working in collaboration with aviation experts NATS to deliver end-to-end capacity planning assessments involving passengers, baggage, vehicles, flights, GSE and airspace to airports worldwide.

The Benefits

This ‘one-stop-shop’ for clients brings many benefits. As one team providing a full airport capacity and operational efficiency analysis and simulation of the passenger journey, we can present to the airport the most efficient transition of passengers from arriving, through the terminal, onto the aircraft and arriving at their destination. We are able to solve complex capacity problems, validate processes or designs and optimise operational efficiency, whilst provide crucial stakeholder management throughout the decision making process.

All the stakeholder engagement, data and analysis are provided to the client through one point of contact, reducing the time and resources that would have to be spent managing many different suppliers. We are able to meet the multiple stakeholders, manage all the data, process and procedures jointly, and look at the entirety of the customer journey.

The collaboration also gives us the opportunity to validate investments throughout the airport, unveiling unintended consequences that could be missed looking at information and data separately and providing opportunities for optimisation and quick wins that affect the entire airport positively.

Bristol Airport

For the last two years we have been working with NATS to provide an end-to-end kerbside to airspace analysis at Bristol Airport. In collaboration with these trusted aviation industry experts, we were able to work with owners, operators, airlines and stakeholders within the airport to fully review all elements and processes.

Bristol Airport is the ninth busiest airport in the UK, currently 8.1 million passengers per annum. NATS and AiQ were asked to verify the airport’s current investment options to deliver significant passenger increases to 12 million passengers per annum, with a view to enhance passenger experience whilst delivering better returns on ancillary revenue.

By delivering an end-to-end capacity planning assessment, AiQ Consulting and NATS were able to define the key constraint to growth at Bristol Airport and validate the airport’s existing plans and give recommendations on key actions and proposed investments. We were also able to provide recommendations on where the airport should best invest for growth, providing key actions and quick wins. The client was extremely satisfied with the project, which enabled them to be confident of current plans and growth, with full utilisation of current and future plans.

The Future

As we continue to develop this new service in collaboration with NATS, we hope to improve efficiency and safety for more airports worldwide, giving them a full holistic view of all elements of the passenger journey.

Together we can provide one single assessment of airport’s capacity, combining the elements of passengers, bags, vehicles and flights. We can ensure the smooth flow of operations within an airport to create maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction, as well as finding bottlenecks, pinpointing investment decisions, maximising competitive advantage and protecting future operations. Our recommendations can positively impact holistically through Terminal, Apron, Airfield and Airspace.

If you would like to find out more about our strategic partnerships and how AiQ can work with your airport for improved capacity planning and greater operational efficiency, contact us today