Continuing our great work at London Heathrow

Showing our finance team our ongoing projects.

We are pleased to announce that our contract providing Airside Operations Simulations for the whole of Heathrow Airport has now been renewed for the second year running.

AiQ Consulting has been chosen to continue our work because of our unique talent in the industry – we provide software as a service.


This means that our client does not have to spend time training and retraining staff on the in-house software, which needs to updated each time it is infrequently used, or spend money on costly licenses. They also do not have to deal with a support network that could be anywhere in the world. Using AiQ allows the client to not only have knowledge and answers at their fingertips, but also save money.

Using our bespoke 2D simulation modeling software, Transvision AiR, we are able to simulate Apron and Passenger Traffic activity for the whole of Heathrow, the most complex hub airport in the world. Maintaining an airport capacity model with a reportable database and 2D visual vehicle simulation of the LHR Terminal Airside road and retail operations, parking and stand network, allows us to report back to our client on seasonal and other operations changes that may affect activity.

Located on-site at Heathrow, we have a great in-depth knowledge of airport. We are involved, if not actively but as participants, in every single major infrastructure project in the airport. We also collate data on Heathrow monthly, not seasonally, giving us a faster turnaround time and better results.

By developing our own tools to provide such knowledge we are always experts, and provide presentations and answers in simple, easy to understand formats.

Our simulations provide the team at Heathrow with all the information they need to run an efficient and cost effective airport. Integrated, simple and effective analysis and simulations allows us to advise and present the client with the information they need to manage all airside activity.

To find out more about our work at Heathrow, and other airports worldwide, contact us today