New Contracts for Autumn 2016


AiQ Consulting are proud to announce three new contracts for Autumn 2016.

Heathrow Terminal 5

AiQ are providing support for the ECAC Std 3 HBS Replacement Program at Heathrow Terminal 5 for MACE. For this mandatory security upgrade requirement for 2018, we have been awarded the contract to Benchmark the Performance and Functionality of the HBS System, prior to replacement of 29 HBS machines. Further, AiQ are undertaking Capacity and Performance assessments, on an ongoing basis, which in turn inform the replacement Mitigation Phasing Plans, to assure Stakeholders that performance will not be degraded during and after the assets are replaced.

Also for MACE at Heathrow Terminal 5, AiQ are providing a similar service for the upgrade of existing, and the provision of additional Early Bag Stores (EBS). This two phase project will extend and improve existing the EBS to allow for additional transfer capacity, with a second phase to add an additional EBS to allow for direct early Check-in, Make-Up compression/batch build and potentially down the line, automated baggage Make-Up using robots or other manual handling devices.

Leeds Bradford International Airport

Serving Leeds and Bradford, as well as the wider Yorkshire region, the largest airport within Yorkshire is now the 16th busiest in the UK. We have recently been awarded the contract by Leeds Bradford International Airport Limited to provide an End-to-End (Kerbside to Gate) Passenger Capacity Assessment for the airport.

Heathrow TransvisionAiR™ Licensing

We are also licensing Heathrow Airport Limited with our TransvisionAiR™, Departure Baggage Make-up Planning software module to allow them to undertake Operational Departure Baggage Planning. Our bespoke simulation modelling tool creates clear airport capacity scenario models to enable efficient decision making. Our unique software allows clients, stakeholders and contractors to visualise change whilst testing the operational viability and performance of new or existing schedules or infrastructure.