AiQ Consulting Signs Three-Year Framework Agreement with Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airside Simulation

AiQ Consulting has recently signed a three-year framework agreement with HAL for the annual maintenance of Airside Traffic Simulations, Ground Service Equipment (GSE) & Unit Load Device (ULD) models for Airside Operations at Heathrow Airport.

As part of this framework we will maintain an airport process, demand and capacity model with a reportable database and 2D visual vehicle simulation of all Airside Passenger Terminal & Cargo areas of Heathrow.

The baseline database and simulation model will include all vehicle operations for Arrival and Departure (including Aircraft), regular airside traffic and operations including maintenance. We will also update simulations yearly and deliver reports for the current Summer Seasonal Schedule changes.

Our work will include other airport processes, such as demand and capacity assessment studies, surveying airport activities, gathering and processing airport data and stakeholders management.

Additionally, we will work with Heathrow to develop and maintain demand and capacity models of airport activities for all areas of the airport. For example, in the terminal we may look at end to end Passenger flow, from Kerbside, Check-in, Security & Screening, Departure Concourse (IDL), Gate, Immigration, to Passenger Reclaim. We can also examine Baggage, including Check-in, Transfer, Baggage System flow, Early Bag Storage, Baggage Make-up, and Reclaim. On the Apron, our Framework covers airside Vehicle Flow, Stand, Ground Services Equipment and Unit Load Device (ULD) Flow.

Adrian Todd, CEO of AiQ Consulting, said

“AiQ Consulting has been delivering intelligent airport consultancy including capacity planning solutions for many years. Through this three-year framework we will assist Heathrow Airport in creating and delivering cost effective, efficient Airside Operations by enabling and simplifying their decision making.”

With expertise in airport planning, simulation, applied mathematics, engineering, operations and stakeholder management, alongside our bespoke in-house modelling and simulation software, TransvisionAiR™, the AiQ team dares to take on complex capacity problems. We enable and simplify decision-making through 2D, 3D and VR, visualising and creating clear airport capacity scenario models from kerbside to airspace.

AiQ’s reputation for creating and delivering cost effective, efficient capacity planning is worldwide. To find out more about our experience in helping constrained and saturated airports become more efficient, contact us today