AiQ Airport Consultancy – The iQ behind airports

Capacity assessments, demand forecasting and future-proofing constrained and saturated airports are the core of our business. Our unique, diverse, multi-disciplinary airport consultancy team work in partnership with airport owners, operators and investors; airlines, architects and service professionals to provide a scientific approach to innovating future airports.

We are global experts, the iQ behind airports, creating capacity and operational efficiency, solving complex problems, future-proofing and aiding investment decision making. Our intelligent team and our breadth of experience make us who we are.

Our multi-disciplinary airport consultancy

Our team consists of Airport Planners, Airport Operations and Business specialists, as well as Engineers, Architects,and Management Consultants. This gives us a depth of scope and experiences unique to aviation consultancies.

AiQ began with a small group of experts with over 12 years hands-on experience at London Heathrow, an airport well known for its space constraints and full capacity. From those beginnings, we have developed into a multidisciplinary team with a strong reputation for problem solving in the world’s most constrained and saturated airports worldwide.

We have a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities as well as first hand knowledge of airport systems and stakeholders in airports around the world. Within our 21 employees we speak 17 languages, a multilingual and diverse group. Our collective achievements include pioneering strategic relationships for end to end capacity assessment, undertaking independent assessments of declaration capacity, improving throughput and capacity at airport baggage and passenger facilities, designing and optimising airline check-in and ramp processes and introducing ground breaking VR capabilities.

Our team strives to maintain close working relationships with clients, exchanging ideas, news and feedback. We understand how airports work and the many layers of integration and negotiation. The diversity in the roles and backgrounds of our team allow us to be able to communicate effectively with all levels of stakeholder. Whether it is speaking to ground handlers about operations or talking to investors about growth plans, we have the airport intelligence to prioritise outcomes and use the appropriate terminology to get results.

Our holistic Airport Intelligence

Complex problems, big data, the challenges of airport resilience, new techniques such as early bag store, self check-in, GSE pooling or disruptive new technologies such as automation and autonomous vehicles need a dedicated and knowledgeable team to make commercial sense of the problems.

Our airport consultancy has data analysts from scientific backgrounds at its core, capable of developing models, simulations and analytics from first principles. From this base we provide airport capacity planning & assessments, simulations, data analysis, demand forecasting, design validation, operational efficiency, virtual reality, optimisation and scheduling throughout airport operations. We also deliver decision support and stakeholder management throughout the process. We guide clients and their teams through evaluation and design, to a result that works for each individual airport.

The systems we work with are as much about people as the processes that hold them together. If the stakeholders don’t engage with the problem solving process the ultimate solution will not work, which is why our team prioritises communication alongside knowledge, processes and data.

How can our airport consultancy help your airport?

Defining what the problem is resides at the heart of what we do.

We use our AiQ, the unique and holistic way we approach problems, to enable us to build solutions that work for our clients, from the big data to the stakeholders. No airport is the same. Demographics, airlines, investment, passengers and processes differ in every airport we have worked on. Each problem is different and no restrictive template can fit the unique passenger breakdown, flow, processes and mitigating factors that every airport involves. We apply our knowledge and techniques to each airport as an individual entity, which is why we are the trusted partner in aviation consultancy for airports worldwide.

We work at top level, looking at airport development strategically alongside airport owners, investors and government departments. This can involve validating growth plans or providing end to end capacity assessments, kerbside to airspace, with clear outcomes and communication to stakeholders. With operators, our team analyses procedures, schedules, demand forecasting and more, facilitating decision-making with simple and clear airport capacity models.

If you need to create capacity and operational efficiency, solve complex problems, future proof your airport or gain certainty in investment decision-making, contact us today to talk about your requirements.