Does Your Airport Comply with Hold Baggage Screening Standard 3?

Time is running out for airports to comply with Hold Baggage Screening Standard 3, which comes into force September this year in the United Kingdom. In Europe the deadline for compliance is September 2020.

The EU regulation No. 1087/2011 calls for compliance to the framework, defined and regulated by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), that sets the minimum required levels of detection. ECAC Standard 3 level of Hold Baggage Screening applies to hold baggage screening systems (HBS) explosive detection systems (EDS), liquid explosive detection systems (LEDS) and security scanners. It requires airports to achieve detection levels only provided by CAT (Computed Axial Tomography) type detectors.

The upgrades to hold baggage screening equipment are seen to be most difficult and costly challenges to be faced by airports in recent years. This equipment is not only expensive, but also large, adding increased stress on existing airport capacity. It may mean a complete re-build of baggage halls and facilities for many airports.

How can you upgrade to ECAC Standard 3 without a negative impact on your airport?

With only a few months left before the regulation comes into force in the UK, has your airport planned for the changes? It’s crucial to upgrade your equipment to cause not only minimal disruption to passenger flow, but also ensuring that you make the most of the capacity you have.

AiQ Consulting have been working with airports worldwide to ensure that the practicalities of upgrading hold baggage screening equipment does not cause immense pressure on airport operators and their stakeholders. The effect of such disruption, and the outcome of such changes on airport capacity and passenger flow through terminals should not be underestimated. We use simulations to study the effects of such changes, with our bespoke simulation modelling tool, TransvisionAiR™. It creates clear airport capacity scenario models to enable efficient decision-making.

AiQ Consulting provided the benchmarking services during the upgrade to ECAC Standard 3 at London Heathrow Terminals 4 & 5 . Our team analysed the performance of the existing set up to measure and therefore ensure that the performance was to be equal or better after Std 3 was fully implemented. This included historical analysis and throughput trials, testing bags through system as the project progresses. With our unrivalled and experienced knowledge we defined the best sequence to replace the screening equipment for the airport, allowing us to mitigate any issues concerning performance of the system.

With simple to understand scenario models, we chose the options that best optimised passenger throughput, improving operating efficiency, reducing congestion and waiting times and enhancing the function of terminal buildings. This is a massive benefit to our clients at Heathrow, as well as operators, ground handlers and other stakeholders.

If your airport needs guidance on implementing these changes, or has any other challenges regarding capacity and passenger flow, contact us today.