Download HiQ’s Free White Paper – Operating Food Brands Within an Airport Market


Our sister consultancy, HiQ, has developed an insightful free white paper, exploring the relationship between airport operators and retail concessions. This white paper combines their knowledge of successful operations in Food & Beverage Brands within Airports and AiQ’s unique understanding of Behaviour Modelling in Terminals and Passenger footprint in large airport hubs. This gives you the opportunity to get into the real data behind the airport environment.

Using the experience of HiQ Managing Director, Kevin Grindrod, the white paper explains the demands of operating within the demanding, fast-paced airport environment. Whilst explaining the factors, demands and issues that face both the airport operator and the food and beverage concession, it also gives you ideas of how best to succeed within them.

So what can the white paper offer you, as the airport operator? Get an overview of:

  • The key stakeholders operating within the airport environment
  • The relationship between the airport and the caterer
  • The retail paradigm – who sits where and who they serve
  • Contracting the retail space
  • Influences on income
  • Operational issues, such as surges on demand and restrictions
  • Staffing issues
  • The challenges of deliveries and logistics
  • Typical problems.

Knowing the demands of the concession, as well as the behaviour of passengers, can help you develop your relationships for a great working environment, and of course create maximum revenue.

HiQ Consulting works with restaurants, cafes, delis, pubs, transport hubs, event venue and more to help them get the best out of their business. Download the paper today to start realising your potential.