Have you got Airport iQ?

To celebrate our launch, we’ve been giving away some great AiQ travel mugs. Perfect for airports, you can keep your coffee* warm in all weathers and terminals! Even when you’re airside, pop the lid on and keep yourself caffeinated.

Adians Mug Shot! Adrian Todd, director with our branded travel mug

If you’d like a mug, just give Adrian a call and let him know why you’ve got Airport IQ. We’re happy to meet up for a quick chat to share ideas about airport capacity, operational effectiveness… or just the best coffee shop in Terminal 4!

Time to take an AIQ Mug Shot!

We’d love to have shots of you and your mugs to share on Twitter and our website – Send us a photo of you and your AiQ mug in an unusual place (not just restricted to airports), and the best one will win a  (probably coffee-related) prize!

*or tea, hot chocolate… we’ll even let you put de-caff in there.