NATS and AiQ Consulting are collaborating to launch a new Airport Capacity Assessment Consultancy offering

Apron Consulting

End to End Airport Capacity Assessment Consultancy

NATS and AiQ Consulting announce at PTE 2019 in London, a new collaboration that combines their Airside and Landside expertise for Airports to build growth, performance and customer experience.

This unique holistic view of the Airport brings new operational insights that identify short-term fixes, enables long-term infrastructural master planning and allows for Investor Asset Management to deliver assured airport growth.

Quick wins for the Airport will improve peak-time flow, maximise passenger experience and revenue, and enable effective planning of resource and infrastructure to avoid pinch-points. Longer-term master planning will validate capital investment to ensure development of airport facilities are in the right order and at the optimal time.

End to End Airport Capacity Assessment incorporates independent Airport Operational Performance Surveys, Simulations and Capacity Development Roadmaps that combine to describe the entire passenger journey from kerbside to airspace: passengers, baggage, airside vehicles, GSE, aircraft, taxiways, runways and airspace. Through this new understanding of how each process impacts on the next and associated cause and effect relationships, it provides intelligence to enable significantly enhanced decision making across the Airport.

The consultancy process is highly collaborative through cross-airport stakeholder engagement at every step and with every party: check-in agents, ground handlers, airlines, air traffic controllers – all positively engaged and listened to, benefiting the overall project and client.

Bristol Airport

A successful End to End Airport Capacity Assessment Consultancy project has been completed for Bristol Airport in the UK, showcasing this new capability to the benefit of the management, executive, stakeholders and passengers of the airport.

The terminal and airside assessments generated an ‘end to end’ capacity model that was used to validate growth plans and support focused short term operational optimisation and investment decision making.

Visit us at Stand 2062 to find out more

Visit Stand 2062 at PTE 2019 to meet with NATS and AiQ Consulting where you can find out more about this new collaboration, receive your personal copy of the Bristol Airport End to End Airport Capacity Assessment Case Study and to experience the Virtual Reality of the Bristol Airport Terminal.