AiQ commitment to the sustainable future of aviation through eVTOL

Leading airport consultancy AiQ, have been analysing the concept of Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) since 2018 as our commitment to the sustainable future of aviation. We announced early this year our involvement as a partner in the NASA Transition Vertical Flight Roadmap working group to further explore the potential of vertical flights as a new form of air transportation. As worldwide airport operational experts, AiQ shares knowledge and analytical abilities in specifically exploring the Commercial Intra-City (short-range) potential.

eVTOL Research Intern

This month we welcome Anirudh Kampli, a Cranfield University MSc Management student, as a dedicated eVTOL Research Intern to assist in further progressing this research. Over the next 3 months, Anirudh will undertake academic research into the capabilities for short term-range urban air-taxi, local package delivery and aircrane lift systems. He will specifically address the following:

  • Research into operations of Urban Air Mobility Vehicles (UAM), Transformative VertiFlights and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Research and analysis of cargo and logistics industries
  • Establish the demand in these industries by analysing the current operating mode of key/big players of the industry
  • Assessing the existing ties of the logistics industry to current modal transport

Cranfield University is a world-renowned centre for master’s degree qualifications, and particularly those for Airport Management. AiQ Consulting have always enjoyed strong links with the University. As well as sharing expertise with the school and taking part in their career fairs for MSc students, three of our team are alumni of Cranfield University. Centre for Air Transport Management (CATM) and School of Management both have a reputation for producing outstanding talented individuals, and Anirudh was successful in our application and interview progress for this research project with AiQ.

This specific logistics research project will deepen understanding following a previous eVTOL project in collaboration with Swanson Aviation Consultancy and Pascall & Watson where we analysed air terminal capacity based on the number of operations per hour for a range of eVTOL types. Read more here.

As we look forward to working with Anirudh over the coming months, AiQ Consulting continues to be a proactive force in airport innovation, working with industry experts and future leaders to be the best in the world. Our links with Cranfield University and other industry experts will strengthen this position, to the benefit of clients and airports worldwide.