AiQ contribute to the future of electric vertical flights

Future of Aviation - eVTOL

As part of our sustainable commitment to the future of aviation, AiQ is excited to join the NASA Transformative Vertical Fight Roadmap working group to explore the potential of Vertical flights as a new form of air transportation. As a partner in the Commercial Intra-City (Short Range) working group, we shall share our airport operational experience and analytical skills to explore the creation of a national capability for short-range urban air-taxi, local package delivery and aircrane lift systems.

This follows on from our previous collaboration with Darrell Swanson from Swanson Aviation Consultancy and Pascall & Watson.  Darrell is a leading expert in eVTOL, asking AiQ to team up to understand the unique operational characteristics of Vertiport operations. For this study, our team undertook an analysis of the air terminal capacity based on the number of operations per hour for a range of eVTOL types taking into account such things as vehicle capacity & charging requirements. View the published study here in the Future of Transportation Magazine.

We are excited to part of the electric future of vertical flights conversation and welcome the opportunity to share our experience in supporting the aviation industry towards a progressive and sustainable future.