Modelling Peak Flow Demand – an essential service for airports

Being aware of the demands of peak flow is an essential element of an efficient airport. Being able to assess the impact of an increasing amount of passengers or a busy summer period allows airports to plan for these situations and put strategies in place to decrease the effect on queues, security, IATA standards and more.

With 12 years of experience at London Heathrow and approved isupplier status, providing Capacity Planning, Analysis and Simulation, AiQ are best placed to offer these services to airports worldwide.

Working with your Design Engineers, Asset Suppliers and Architectural Teams, we have developed Modelling Methodologies to assess peak flow demand using the latest software and technology. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can incorporate all schematics, product data and process into your simulation, giving an accurate reflection of proposed development changes, even at G0 Project Gateway Status.

This modelling can be undertaken at the initiate or gateway zero stage of any new project, whether on new installation or asset replacement.

The benefits of modeling peak flow demand

All AiQ Peak Flow Models are built on analysis and data specific to the project in question; area studies and surveys are undertaken in all cases, asset and equipment data (System throughput/processing rates) and current/future processes are reflected in the models before presenting back to the client.

This gives the client a completely unique peak flow model, personalized to the airport. Passenger movements within AiQ 3D Simulation Models also take into consideration the latest IATA standards for passenger comfort, to ensure peak demand simulations meet with agreed Airport Experience Standards.

Once the base model is complete, new iterations of Process, Asset or physical build can be incorporated into the model to provide alternative options for informed decision making. This has been proven to be a very cost-effective, risk-aware method of making decisions regarding new investments and changes in infrastructure.

Detailed reporting is provided with each model underpinning the logic and data used, again allowing for more informed decisions by airport operators, stakeholders and suppliers.

Take a look at some of bespoke models here 

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