Passenger Automation and how it benefits your airport

There is a growing trend for passenger automation within airports, and for good reason. A new report published by IT provider SITA has revealed that “the demands of the growing number of tech-savvy travellers will have the biggest impact on the digital plans of airports and airlines over the next six years”. By 2025, 68% of passengers will be digital travellers. They will expect travel through airports to offer the same conveniences, controlling their experience digitally through their mobile devices, as every other aspect of their lives.

Automation within airports improves passenger experience

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Small Changes, Big Differences – A Year in review with AiQ Consulting


AiQ 2019 Year

It’s been another high growth year for AiQ Consulting. With groundbreaking projects, including undertaking an independent assessment of declaration capacity at Schiphol Airport; pioneering strategic relationships with trusted and respected partners in the aviation industry NATS and IATA; and further expanding our team with specialists in airport capacity, VR and more; we’ve improved our services and products to provide intelligent, holistic end to end support to our clients.

Groundbreaking Projects

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How can regional airports define optimum success?


For small regional airports, reaching the optimum passenger Levels of Service (LoS) can be hard to achieve. Without the large support network, stakeholders and suppliers that a hub airport possesses, regional airports may find it difficult to know how large their check in area should be, whether their passengers are travelling through departures in an acceptable amount of time, and if their arrivals procedure is up to scratch. Read More »

Defining the optimum level of service for airports worldwide


AiQ Consulting’s new IATA Modelling Tool provides airports with a new and efficient way of assessing their current and future infrastructure and operational needs based on the passenger level of service (LoS) requirements as outlined in the Airport Development Reference Manual 10th Edition (ADRM). The ADRM, published by IATA, has defined excellence in airport design for millions of passengers worldwide for over 40 years. Read More »